1. togeprrrri said: hey girl! i know i'm like, a solid year late on this, but i LOVE your lakitu costume! i'm dressing up as him this year and was wondering- any protips, especially re: the shell and the cloud? thanks! <3

    Hey there, thanks! I made my entire Lakitu costume last year in a frenzy of hot glue and felt. The shell was the hardest part to make. I cut out a circle of cardboard, and pieced four green curved triangular shapes of felt together to create a sort of dome-like structure. I glued that to the circle of cardboard - remembering to attach my white felt straps at the same time - and stuffed it with batting. I glued black rings of felt to create Lakitu’s shell stripes. In retrospect, buying a little green pack like this and adding black rings would have been a LOT easier and could have doubled as a purse for the night.

    For my top, I found a yellow shirt and used black electrical tape from the dollar store to make the stripes. The bonus of using electrical tape is that the lines were perfectly straight, and it only took about 5 minutes.

    The cloud was the real pièce de résistance! The whole thing was a very wide belt that I made of white felt, with a cloud attached to the front and a mirroring cloud attached to the back.

    1. Draw a cloud on a large piece of paper to use as a pattern - I opened up a brown grocery bag to get a big enough piece of paper.

    2. Cut 4 cloud shapes out of white felt using your pattern.

    3. Glue 2 of the cloud shapes together, but leave an opening to stuff it full of batting, then glue the whole thing shut - I would have preferred to sew but I don’t have a sewing machine here. Bummer.

    4. Add black felt eyes and a mouth. This is the front of your cloud.

    5. Glue the other 2 cloud pieces together, this is the back of your cloud. I opted to leave it flat rather than stuffed so I could sit in a cab.

    6. To attach both pieces to your body, use white felt to create a very wide “belt”. Use velcro as fasteners for you make-shift belt. The velcro is key, because you’ll need to take the cloud off to go to the restroom!

    7. Glue the clouds to the front and back of your wide belt.

    Don’t forget your accessories! I used cardboard and felt in black, red, yellow, and green to make a little traffic light, and bought the cheapest toy fishing pole I could find. Lakitu wears racing goggles, but I just wore my regular glasses. Underneath my cloud, I wore black boy shorts and gray tights.

    Good luck, and please send me a picture if you make a Lakitu costume! :)

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