1. The blip.tv + Collective party in full swing!

    The blip.tv + Collective party in full swing!

  2. September 16th, 2010: The Blip.tv LA Housewarming and Anniversary!

    This was a fun party: it was so great to catch up with so many friends and the new Santa Monica office looks amazing! I was too busy running around to snap any of my own photos, but I love love love this one by the Polite in Public photo booth:

    So many of my favorite people in one place! See also: vogue one and two from the photo booth.

    Here I am, mega stoked to receive my tofu tacos from the Kogi BBQ Truck!

    (Photo by Blip’s party photographer, H!)

    Clint took this photo of Bonny, Amanda, Beth, and myself (mid-sentence) at the end of the night. We’re sitting in the reception area of the office. Love these girls!

    I’m really looking forward to what is still to come from the new Blip space. Thanks guys for hosting such a great party!

  3. Anyclip/Blip.tv/Pepsico Party at SXSWi 2010!

    Bare with me, I promise this is my last blog post about SXSW… till 2011 ;)

    One of the best parties I attended at SXSW this year was the Anyclip/Blip.tv/Pepsico Digital Speakeasy. It was at Cedar Street Courtyard.

    There were these awesome candle holders made from frosted glass.

    I hung out a bit with my old friend Steve Garfield of SteveGarfield.com! He is the newly minted author of Get Seen! Here he is signing copies of his book. He was gracious enough to give me a copy, which I read during my flight home. Steve, it’s great!

    I think I enjoyed this party so much because it wasn’t a crowded mess like some of the other events that weekend. I actually got to talk to my friends and meet new ones without getting elbowed in the face every other second, I was able to hold a conversation without yelling into anyone’s ears or straining to hear their response, and there was free beer! :D

    Also, Dina and Justin came up with some really keen wooden drink chips that I loved - I took a couple home with me as souvenirs, since I would’ve felt really awkward lugging that candle holder home. Thanks guys, for such a great event!

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