1. This is great: Miles Davis layered over one of my favorite LCD Soundsystem songs, ever.

    (via Ron Workman!)

  2. Gotye feat. Kimbra - Somebody that I Used to Know (on Amazon and iTunes)

    Very obsessed with this song right now! (Except that the music video opens with feet and anybody that knows me, knows that I detest bare feet. Ugh.)

  3. I very much enjoy Justice’s new single: Audio, Video, Disco.

  4. Coordinated outfits! Stop-motion! Echo Park! Time-lapse! Tag-along goose! The official music video for OK Go's new single “End Love" is SO. AWESOME.

    PS. I’m very much alive, but have been packing/moving/shuttling between San Diego and Los Angeles/saying goodbye to friends for the last several days. I will be at E3 tomorrow, and then I’m going to catch you all up on graduation pictures. Many thanks for all the congrats, it feels wonderful!

    For now though, WATCH THIS VIDEO KTHXBAI.

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