1. Totally freezing but it was a blast! Giants win 38-10, wow!

    Totally freezing but it was a blast! Giants win 38-10, wow!

  2. Yay my first NFL game and already we’ve scored a touchdown. Go Giants!

    Yay my first NFL game and already we’ve scored a touchdown. Go Giants!

  3. Wednesday Night Lights! So as we all know, I signed up for flag football with some blippers. Let’s recap all that has happened since, shall we?

    Football practice in the park, or… throwing the ball around Sheep Meadow for an hour or two. Of note: this is exactly where my finger crushing football injury occurred last spring. Haha, remember that? No repeats this time, whew, though every time the ball came at me, my life flashed before my eyes.

    Our first game! Game faces on, we took to the field last Wednesday. Joe threw a long pass to Jake in the first half and we scored our first touchdown… woo woo! Unfortunately, we lost, 19-6. What did we learn? We should probably practice more (but we haven’t).

    The best part is this picture that Angus took of me going in for a tackle. I’m grinning like a buffoon because the entire time I’m on the field I’m thinking, "I’M PLAYING ORGANIZED SPORTS, YOU GUYZZZ! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! LOLOLOLOLOL. TIME OF MY LIFE, YA’LL!"

    Our next game in tonight. Wish us luck? ;)

    (All action photos were shot by Angus. The rest of his fantastic set is here!)

  4. My first sports-related injury

    While we were at the park on Saturday, Bobby, Rahul, Teresa, and I were tossing around a football. I caught the ball at an awkward angle, jamming my finger pretty hard, and putting a premature end to my budding football career in the process. This is why I don’t play sports:

    I didn’t think it was a big deal, since I could still move it and bend it, but the next day it was all swollen and purple, so I googled “jammed finger” and got terrifying results. Now I’m rocking this deluxe* finger splint:

    Here’s a picture of me looking small and frail in our kitchen, the day after:

    Some people may consider that a rude picture, oops. ;) All is not lost, however! I really like the ice pack I picked up from CVS:

    It’s a little bead-filled star! He’s so squishy and adorable (and cold). I love him - it brings me such joy to ice my finger, mwee hee hee. I guess there is a bright side to this whole ordeal!!!

    *The box really says deluxe, yo.

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