Achievement unlocked: First race (like, ever) complete. The Eileen Dugan Memorial 5K yesterday was a total blast. Thanks to the BBP Conservancy for putting on such a fun little race!

    The course took us through Brooklyn Bridge Park, starting at Pier 6, around the Pier 5 fields, past the Pier 2 and 3-4 construction areas, along the Pier 1 park path, then around Jane’s Carousel, where we doubled back to Pier 6. Super flat, super easy.

    The weather was in the 30s and windy - I definitely did not enjoy the thirty jacket-less minutes waiting for the starting gun to go off. Just look at my starting line selfie.

    The night before the race I dreamed that I came in dead last… I guess that’s the runner’s equivalent of dreaming you went to school naked? Good news! I definitely didn’t come in last. I finished under my goal of 30 minutes, and I’m really proud of myself for pacing effectively. Go me! *toot toot* Note to self: don’t forget to hit “stop” on RunKeeper after crossing the finish line - that 19:21 split is heinous.

    One of my favorite things about running the Dugan yesterday was seeing the very diverse crowd that turned out, from the crazy sprinters (15:39!), to the 10-year old kids, to the inspirational folks that chugged along at the back of the pack. So awesome.

    40 days left until the Brooklyn Half!

    I’m running my first 5K tomorrow morning! Picked up my bib today after work. The sun was just setting, and the view from Brooklyn Bridge Park was breathtaking. This panorama doesn’t even come close to capturing it. Spring is in the air!

  1. Ew.

    This morning I went on a run because, you know. (“How is that going?!” you ask. “Meh…” I say.) It’s cold in the mornings, so I put Vaseline on my cheeks because I read somewhere that it prevents wind chapping. I probably didn’t need it because it’s not THAT cold anymore, but I’m a weenie. Deal with it.

    At some point during mile 2 today, I ran straight into a swirling cloud of gnats… while I had petroleum jelly on my face. WHILE I HAD PETROLEUM JELLY ON MY FACE. I might as well have been wearing fly paper.

    And if that weren’t disgusting enough, Bobby just sent me this: TIL that gnat clouds are essentially gnat orgies. Ew.

    BRB, I need to go sterilize my face.

  2. I’m uncomfortably excited. Mostly uncomfortable. Eek! Yay! Ahh.
When do we get to eat tons of pasta?

    I’m uncomfortably excited. Mostly uncomfortable. Eek! Yay! Ahh.

    When do we get to eat tons of pasta?

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