1. Anonymous said: How did you guys decide who got which room?

    For this answer, I defer to Teresa, who received the same question! :)


    Bobby and Rahul, my strapping, studly single roommates, both work in finance (read: make better monies), so it was a given that one of the two would get the master. Bobby wanted it more, and Rahul was relatively indifferent, so the boss-like, fireplace room went to Bobs. 

    Rahul took the larger of the two middle rooms, which is connected to the living room via French doors. Annie liked the front room because of the bountiful sunlight that streams through the northern window. :)

    No joust, sorry!

    Tangent: Whenever you look for housing, you should make a list of what your priorities are, since it’s tough (especially in Manhattan) to find a place that A) matches all your dream house desires and B) fits within your budget. This list should be made in descending order, with the most important things at the top, and the things you don’t really care so much about at the bottom. You have to compromise a bit, and this list will help keep you grounded and your expectations realistic when you see 30 apartments over the course of two weeks.

    For me, my top priority was a room that received a lot of sunlight. Having a doorman, an elevator, and a small space (which I’m accustomed to), were things I could definitely compromise on.

    My last two apartments in the city had windows that faced the side of another building, so I never received much light. Through careful research (read: crashing at friends’ who have gigantic windows), I learned that it’s much less painful to wake up in the morning if the sun is saying “Hi, hello, I’m here!!” That definitely pushed sunlight to the top of my list. Bonus: I get to grow real, live plants, which are another key to keeping Annie happy!

    The compromise I had to make was losing my 3-block walk to work. My commute went from a 2-minute stroll to a 15-minute subway ride with transfers, but I don’t mind, since it gives me time to read to play Angry Birds every morning. ;) And who are we kidding here? A two-minute stroll was almost too luxurious, c’mon.

    The other compromise I made, as several of you pointed out after the apartment video tour, was giving up closet space. That’s alright, I’m working on that solution… don’t worry, I’ll be documenting that process as well. :)

    Ask me more questions about the apartment or anything else here!

  2. Anonymous said: what's the kitchen like in your new place?

    It’s bigger than I hoped, has a pantry (unheard of in Manhattan!!), and a dishwasher… sweet! However, there’s a lack of counter space. I took this photo from the doorway to give you an idea of how it looks: sort of long and narrow.

    [click to enlarge]

    Here’s a panoramic, from the perspective of the refrigerator:

    [click to enlarge]

    Something I was pondering: putting in a counter (along the wall where the trash can is now) which could serve as a food prep area, house some sort of drawer storage, and act as a breakfast nook if we place stools under it. The drawback though, is I would like to actually see my roommates when we have a meal together, which would require a regular dining room table. Maybe something like the Norden from IKEA would fit alright and serve all of the above functions.

    Decisions, decisions.

    Ask me more questions about the apartment or anything else here!

  3. Anonymous said: i love your hair!!!!! how do you do it? it look amazing. was it expensive? is it a wave perm? how long will it last? BTW i am basically so jealous of your life right now! live it up girlie! cheers!

    Thank you! :)

    I had a digital perm once upon a time but it’s long since grown out. That was kind of expensive, so I haven’t permed it again (a girl’s gotta eat!). My current hair routine consists of the ultra-easy (ultra-lazy!) method of putting my hair up in a messy bun after a shower. When it’s dry, I let it down and it’s a big wavy mass of hair. Don’t ask me why my hair does that… I have no idea, but I thank my lucky stars everyday because I’m not very good at using a curling iron.

    I blow dry my bangs with a round brush. My blow dryer is broken right now so I’ve been pinning my bangs back, which also means it’s time to get my bangs trimmed. That should be done every 3-4 weeks. The next blow dryer I get, I want with a high wattage, like this 2000 watt blow dryer. Anything lower takes too long to dry and style.

    I still don’t brush my hair. =X

    You can ask me questions about hair or other stuff here!

  4. Anonymous said: do you ride goofy?

    I ride regular when snowboarding - see how my left foot is still strapped into my board in this photo? As for stance, I like my left foot angled a little bit towards the front with my right foot closer to 0°.

    You can ask me questions about snowboarding or other stuff here!

  5. Anonymous said: hi annie! the leather jacket you're wearing in your most recent photos looks great on you! may i ask where you'd get it?

    Hi Anonymous,

    Thank you! The black jacket you’re talking about is from XXI, aka Forever 21. SHOCKANDAWE, I know right? It was only $37.80 too! Mega score. :)

    Picture by Polite in Public

    (Photo by Polite in Public)

    More questions? Or more answers?

  6. Anonymous said: What kind of camera do you use to record your videos and what program do you use to edit them?

    Short answer: I use a Canon Powershot SD940 IS and edit with Final Cut Pro 7.

    Long answer: Since January of this year, I have used a Canon Powershot SD940 IS to shoot my photos and videos. I recommend this camera to everyone because it packs a lot into a very sleek, small package (and now it’s just under $200). It captures 720p HD video - we actually shot the first episode of Un(i)versity with it. The pocketable quality of this camera is amazing, here it is next to my phone.

    They’re both about the same thickness, and the camera is actually shorter than the G1. Another notable feature: the camera has a gigantic LCD, see?

    The Canon engineers had to remove the viewfinder to make room for that glorious LCD. I don’t see this as a drawback because REALLY, who uses the viewfinder on their point & shoot anymore? I don’t, and I never miss it on this camera.

    The battery life on this thing is also quite impressive. Keep in mind, I don’t like using flash in my photos (blegh, ew flash!) except at night (and then only in “night scene” mode), so your battery mileage might vary if you use the flash regularly. Seriously though, I feel like I hardly ever have to charge the battery.

    Now, for my super not-so-secret tip with this and other Canon Powershots: I always keep the color mode set to “Vibrant” - it punches up the saturation of the colors a bit, and I really like the way it looks. Hat tip to Teresa for suggesting the tip; she owns the Canon SD780.

    Teresa’s SD780 is actually the earlier model of my SD940. If you’re looking to save a little bit of money for a smaller zoom and a smaller LCD, or if you really want an optical viewfinder, go for the SD780. Canon has since released the SD1400 as the SD940’s successor. It has 2 more megapixels than my model, which I actually see as a disadvantage, but maybe that’s just me. The SD1400 does come in hot pink though, chalk that down as a win? Hee. :D Really though, I feel like you can’t go wrong with the PowerShot line.

    As for editing… I will always have a special place in my heart for the original iMovie because that’s what I taught myself to edit on. I have since moved on to Final Cut Express and now I use Final Cut Pro 7 when I need to do more than just a basic cut. If I’m just uploading directly without edits, I made a Compressor droplet on my desktop so I can just drag-drop the raw video file and transcode. 

    I hope that answered your question… in fact, it was probably more than you wanted to know, oops.

    You should send me more questions here.

  7. Anonymous said: Hello! You have great hair! I actually brought a picture of your before/after bangs pic (found it looking for "blunt bangs" on google) to my stylist when I was thinking of getting my bangs cut. Where do you get your hair done?


    Exactly a year ago I cut my side-swept bangs into blunt bangs. Since then, the lion’s share of people coming to my site from Google are looking for pictures of blunt bangs. What, you mean you aren’t here for my wit and daily musings?! ;) Okay then, sheesh, here are 9 pictures of my blunt bangs:

    For Crystal: Thank you, I’m flattered and I hope you got what you were looking for from your stylist!

    I got my blunt bangs cut at Rudy’s Barbershop, the one on Melrose, but they have several other locations. I just walked in (they don’t require reservations) and I was assigned Christina - she’s on that Yelp page as Tina F. She was really funny and did a great job, but it has been a year so I don’t know if she’s still there.

    Halfway through my summer in New York, I went back to wearing my bangs to the side after a “trim” at a random salon turned into a disastrous haircut. In October I got a digital perm from Shin at Hair Epoch in Venice. He also re-cut my hair to fix what the stylist in New York had made a mess of. I love what he did and I totally recommend Shin, but you definitely need to make an appointment with them.

    I haven’t had a haircut since (not counting trimming my own bangs in my bathroom, hah) but I really need one; my hair is getting a bit long!

    Have a question? (Yes, you can ask me about more than just my hair, LOL) You should send me your questions here. Thanks!

  8. inspiri said: Did you make your tumblr theme? I really like it! :)

    Thank you very much, but I cannot take credit for this theme. The tumblr theme I’m currently using is called Redux and was designed by the meticulous pixel-pusher that is Jacob Bijani. It’s actually the default Tumblr theme!

    Redux is very easy to customize - I changed the colors to match my original blog, and swapped in my logo for the header text.

    I like this theme for its inclusion of notes, easy Disqus integration, and most importantly, its clean look! Not every theme designer has gotten around to fully incorporating notes and comment systems, which is a shame because there are some great note-less themes.

    Thanks for asking!

    More questions?

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