1. Anonymous said: Hello! You have great hair! I actually brought a picture of your before/after bangs pic (found it looking for "blunt bangs" on google) to my stylist when I was thinking of getting my bangs cut. Where do you get your hair done?


    Exactly a year ago I cut my side-swept bangs into blunt bangs. Since then, the lion’s share of people coming to my site from Google are looking for pictures of blunt bangs. What, you mean you aren’t here for my wit and daily musings?! ;) Okay then, sheesh, here are 9 pictures of my blunt bangs:

    For Crystal: Thank you, I’m flattered and I hope you got what you were looking for from your stylist!

    I got my blunt bangs cut at Rudy’s Barbershop, the one on Melrose, but they have several other locations. I just walked in (they don’t require reservations) and I was assigned Christina - she’s on that Yelp page as Tina F. She was really funny and did a great job, but it has been a year so I don’t know if she’s still there.

    Halfway through my summer in New York, I went back to wearing my bangs to the side after a “trim” at a random salon turned into a disastrous haircut. In October I got a digital perm from Shin at Hair Epoch in Venice. He also re-cut my hair to fix what the stylist in New York had made a mess of. I love what he did and I totally recommend Shin, but you definitely need to make an appointment with them.

    I haven’t had a haircut since (not counting trimming my own bangs in my bathroom, hah) but I really need one; my hair is getting a bit long!

    Have a question? (Yes, you can ask me about more than just my hair, LOL) You should send me your questions here. Thanks!

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