1. Anonymous said: i love your hair!!!!! how do you do it? it look amazing. was it expensive? is it a wave perm? how long will it last? BTW i am basically so jealous of your life right now! live it up girlie! cheers!

    Thank you! :)

    I had a digital perm once upon a time but it’s long since grown out. That was kind of expensive, so I haven’t permed it again (a girl’s gotta eat!). My current hair routine consists of the ultra-easy (ultra-lazy!) method of putting my hair up in a messy bun after a shower. When it’s dry, I let it down and it’s a big wavy mass of hair. Don’t ask me why my hair does that… I have no idea, but I thank my lucky stars everyday because I’m not very good at using a curling iron.

    I blow dry my bangs with a round brush. My blow dryer is broken right now so I’ve been pinning my bangs back, which also means it’s time to get my bangs trimmed. That should be done every 3-4 weeks. The next blow dryer I get, I want with a high wattage, like this 2000 watt blow dryer. Anything lower takes too long to dry and style.

    I still don’t brush my hair. =X

    You can ask me questions about hair or other stuff here!

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