1. > Summer is Coming. Time for a Fitocracy Challenge!



    I’m running a six week Fitocracy challenge. Nothing like a little competition to help shed those winter pounds.

    • First Place: $150 iTunes Gift Certificate
    • Second Place: $75 iTunes Gift Certificate
    • Third Place: $25 iTunes Gift Certificate

    If you are already a Fitocracy member…

    I am taking part in this challenge!! I love that the top 3 places are currently all held by women.

    It’s not too late to join the challenge! Sign up for Fitocracy, join the Summer is Coming group, and (important!) make sure you actually add the challenge once you’re in the group.

    You can also follow me on Fitocracy if you’d like to see me get super strong (ha). I’m annieisms. Pretty proud of the fact that I can squat 85lbs today when I was scared to do just the barbell a few months ago.

  2. OMG omg. YOU GUYS.

    OMG omg. YOU GUYS.


  3. Just grabbed tickets for this. I’m pumped. SO EXCITED!
(Presale password is PRIORITY)

    Just grabbed tickets for this. I’m pumped. SO EXCITED!

    (Presale password is PRIORITY)

  4. My favorite <3 (at Brooklyn Bridge Park)

    My favorite <3 (at Brooklyn Bridge Park)

  5. jayparkinsonmd:

    Although having a doctor accessible 24/7 via app or phone is a wonderful and remarkably helpful experience, truly letting people connect in a deep way with those doctors over the internet is a challenge. As a user, you can tell our doctors are experienced, knowledgeable, and exceptional doctors…but you can’t grasp their wonderful personalities via a message. So, we created these videos of our doctors to let you meet the person on the other end. I’m so proud of our team of doctors. They are all simply outstanding.

    This is Dr. Ida Santana. Also, meet Dr. Susan Gonnella and Dr. Ezra Feinberg. These are the people that make Sherpaa great.

    I love our doctors! Ida’s Wednesday morning yoga is always great. :)

  6. > Tumblr Founder David Karp Invests in Medical-Treatment Startup Sherpaa — WSJ


    We’re thrilled to announce that David has invested in Sherpaa. I’ve known David for about six years now after meeting through the NYC grapevine. Tumblr has powered my blog since I launched my practice back in 2007. David was one of my earliest followers on tumblr and when we were talking in late 2011 about the early ideas that would eventually culminate in Sherpaa, David suggested getting Sherpaa started by partnering with tumblr. David’s early support, and now, his investment, catalyzed our success. It feels good to know that David, after working with us for two years, believes so much in what we’re doing, he’s invested. And for that, I am grateful. It’s another milestone for us in making healthcare as awesome as we can.

  7. sherpaa:

    Prices for tests and procedures in healthcare are literally all over the map, as told so wonderfully by Time in their groundbreaking article, The Bitter Pill. For example, if you get a brain MRI at one institution versus another, this may be the difference between you paying $500 vs. $2500 out of your deductible. That’s the difference between you going on vacation to Rio, buying that new MacBook Pro, or doing whatever your little heart desires with a cool extra $2,000 in your pocket. The obvious next question is, “Well I can only assume that if I get the test done at the $2500 place, it’s going to be $2,000 worth of higher quality and value, right?” Wrong. Healthcare costs are in no way correlated with quality and value. The same goes for procedures too. If you need an inguinal hernia repair, you’re going to quickly blow through your $10,000 deductible if you get it at one institution vs. another. But what if you can negotiate with a general surgeon for a better price? Instead of spending $10,000 of your deductible in a hospital center, you could spend $4,000 to have the procedure done in a beautiful outpatient surgical center. Now that’s $6,000 of real money you just saved.

    That’s why I’m ridiculously happy to announce that Sherpaa just released a new feature in our app to help you save a potentially ridiculous amount of money when you need an expensive test or procedure. You can now tell us your story and what you need, and our doctors and insurance guides will collaborate and find you the highest quality place to get these at the best price.

    We’re so proud of this. A resource that can save you literally thousands of dollars can make a huge difference in your life. So if you’re a Sherpaa client, give it a try and instead of throwing money blindly at an opaque, unfair system, go on that much needed vacation. You deserve it.

    (Source: jayparkinsonmd)

  8. )


    Whether he’s debating creationists or taking selfies with President Obama, Bill Nye is no stranger to the spotlight.

    But what about the man behind the lab coat and bow tie? In NOVA Secret Life of Scientist's new video, Bill Nye reveals how he became “the Science Guy” and inspired thousands to embrace science.

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