Rhett and Link test out NeverWet, a waterproofing spray.

    Literally laughed out loud at my desk.

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    As an experiment, I’ve been using the Metro to get to Maker’s LA offices while I’m home for the holidays. I’m impressed with how far LA public transit has come… there’s still a long way to go, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised, even just with the detail at some of the new stations.

    I photographed these yellow grooves at one of the transit hubs: Bicyclists can push or roll their bikes up and down the staircases, which is a pretty neat bit of engineering.

  1. > As Foursquare Concentrates On Demonstrating Value, It No Longer Allows Private Check-Ins On iOS 7 | TechCrunch

    This really bums me out! One of my top reasons to use (and love) Foursquare is for the location diary it builds on your history page as you check-in… publicly AND privately. I really hope they bring this feature back!

    Related: has anyone used Heyday? I’m concerned about battery drain because it runs in the background. Thoughts?

  2. Heading to Lincoln Center tonight to cross off a NY Bucket List item: see the NYCB perform The Nutcracker! :D

  3. “What is that clicking? Is there a metronome on the call?”

    – Management on a large conference call. Someone dialed in from their car, and they’re making a left turn. Safety first, y’all.

  4. Night 2 as a shiksa. Happy Thanksgiving :) #hanukkah

    Night 2 as a shiksa. Happy Thanksgiving :) #hanukkah

  5. Standing desk takeover; I am walled in by standers.

    Edit: For those wondering, these standing desks are IKEA hacks of Lack coffee tables.

  6. Surprise gem from OutKast circa 2006.

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